4 Top Electric Drum Pads in 2018

Electronic drums have become an indispensable weapon for drummers who perform live, in the studio or even in practice. However, from the point of view of practice, the electronic drum kit is not too expensive? Why not use more affordable things to find the best drum mats?

Using the drum set helped me improve my skills before playing more complex and complex acoustic or electronic drums. Watch this video if you want to learn how to use the practice panel.

I have prepared reviews of the six upper drum mats on the market to help you narrow down the selection of today’s hundreds of drum pads. This manual applies to any drummer with a level of drumming skill. The purpose of this purchase guide is to provide you with relevant information before you go to the store to purchase a new drum kit. I will show you the features, advantages, advantages and disadvantages of my six-drum mats. Read on to get the right knowledge before making a purchasing decision.

1. Sports drum 12 “double-sided practical mat

The upper side of the training area of ​​the training drum is equipped with a sensitive silicone rubber cushion with a rim. Watch Khabib vs McGregor Online for Free. And just as it is meant by the name (“two-sided”), it also has a bottomless border, a denser surface and a quieter one, which keeps the site stable when the border hits.

A bright polycarbonate insert can be added to simulate a clear, tightly adjustable travel loop, as well as a softer, quieter insert of the correction panel, which provides a smaller rebound when replacing, to help develop drum techniques.

Therefore, a sports drum double-sided pad is almost an ideal practical solution for most percussionists, and unlike pads with multiple surfaces on one side and at different heights, the pad will correspond to the drummer. Inverse pastes and cross-pastes. Perfect fit.

2. Vic Firth 12 “double-sided practical mat

Vic Firth Exercise Mat is an excellent 12-inch double-sided exercise mat (in my opinion), which is very useful for soft (quiet) and heavy (loud) exercises. There is no need to buy two different mats. With soft rubber, you can safely exercise when everything is fast asleep, and with solid rubber you can increase your productivity (if you are taken away). Vic Firth’s sides offer two different strengths depending on your mood.

3. Evans Realfeel double-sided practical mat

Evans a two-sided exercise mat is very easy to use because it has a large playing surface and can be easily placed in any standard drum basket. I like gray fabrics and fabrics, they are durable and wear-resistant.

The gray side is quieter, providing a bigger bounce, while the black side sounds louder and bounces off less. Both sides are very suitable for practice in accordance with the requirements of the situation. What is the biggest benefit of this two-sided pad? You do not need to buy two different pads, which saves you extra money to buy other accessories for your drum kit.

4. Costume for exercises Tosnail Drum

Another 12-inch practical mat, I definitely recommend it to beginners. In addition to completing the visual appeal of this rug, it is tasteless. No chemical smell can ruin your gaming experience.
This may not be as real as the Evans’ double-sided dummy, but it definitely costs money. Tosnail is very flexible, but it’s fun to play. It is extremely durable, stable and does not leave any traces when hit. The best benefit? It is already equipped with a pair of 5A drum sticks, not as durable and well-made as drum sticks, but it works fine from the very beginning.