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    How to be a Perfect Drummer?

    Whether it’s when you start falling in love with drums – whether it’s in the first few years of drums or in the acting career of drums: most of us are constantly trying to figure out how to become the best drummer. In addition to the beauty of the rhythm, I believe that drum music is growth and self-improvement in many aspects.

    So I remember that in the early days I was addicted to drumming and listened to the great drummer of the world tracking the track. I remember that, despite these hearings, I did not really have a set of principles to every day be a drummer.

    Now, in ten years, I like to believe in me – I like to believe that I’ve found out the principles of how to become the best drummer – every day.

    Guess, wow? Today I want to share with you.

    So, let’s penetrate …

    Where to begin?

    If you want to know how to become the best drummer, read this article.

    “Sharing talent and skills is one of the most incomprehensible concepts of those who are trying to surpass, dream and want to do something. Talent is natural. Skills are just hours, hours and hours of training on your craft. ” – Will Smith

    Are you serious about turning a drum into a career?

    Then do not do it alone. You may think that you can learn without any help, but, in my experience, drumming is one thing: another set of eyes can greatly speed up your learning process.

    Therefore, if you want to see major improvements in drum sounds, join a music university / college or attend classes with local teachers or online drum tutorials. Most likely, I will help me in that the teacher helped me to find an estimate (at least until I understood the basics).

    You can also see how to learn to play drums abroad. There are always cheap flights to the nearest place for the drums, so book this flight and begin to pursue your passion.

    In general, the “simple” way to learn how to be the best drummer is a step-by-step system.

    The next step is to purchase a real instrument. (Yes, this is only the second time, because you can practice without a drum kit.)

    Choosing the right drum kit for you is easier said than done. Otherwise, this site does not need as many articles. I suggest you start here if you know that you need an electronic drum, or if you do not know what you need.

    How to become the best drummer

    Setting an overwhelming goal for you is simple, and this can make you wonder if you can achieve your goal – whether it’s a professional drummer or a kicker.

    You can not immediately get the talent of Buddy Rich or John Bonham, it does not matter. Do not be obsessed with it and start throwing. I’m glad that you have ambitious goals. I hope that you will achieve your goals one day. But to achieve this level of art takes time.

    On the first day of practice, you can not control qi, drums and pedals. And, before your basic knowledge becomes smooth, you will not be able to develop your own style of drumbeat. To expand yourself and be able to play in other games, you must spend enough time in the genre.

    So, patience is the name of the game here. Try to travel more than the destination.