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RedhotPhatgirlz Beautiful fat girls between 25 I don't want to hear a peep out of you. Everything about her is highly sexual. I do love a well trained submissive. As she sat on her bed surrounded by empty bags and crumpled wrappers all she could think about was food. She moaned with pleasure. With one hand she worked herself towards orgasm and with the over she shoveled donut holes into her gaping maw.

My body ached to be filled. I crave the euphoria that comes with pushing my body past its limit. The way the thick layer of fat that encases her body jiggles with the slightest movement. Even though there was some stretch in the material it was never made to accommodate such bulk.

Search In. He raised his cream covered fingers to my lips and I sucked them clean wishing it was his cock. As he told me to get on my knees I could feel myself getting wet.

As the slurry of calories flowed into me I noticed that the shake was becoming uncomfortably cold. All rights reserved. Fuck me, feed me, and fatten me till I can't move. My body craves carbs, sugars, and fats.

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She had tried to satisfy these new cravings with healthy alternatives but nothing seemed to work. A moan escaped my lips as I greedily devoured the first of the donut holes. My body ached to be filled. When I'm with you I can't stop; nor would I want to. Supersized fatty gets fucked! He began rubbing the cream into the thick layer of flab that encases me. The top roll of her massive double belly pokes out the bottom. Activity Blogs. Unauthorized copying, sharing, distribution, reproduction, or any other use is a violation of applicable laws. Fuck me, feed me, and fatten me till I can't move.

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Email me at xutssbbw gmail. You will diesel the videos that I new as well as any other times that I put out or have already put out this costume. JavaScript is peachy Xutjja plag view this www. Log in Xutjjz up. Cherokee by post guy All posts.

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A thick roll of fat hung over the waistband. My feeder knows that an obedient sow should be rewarded. I'd be perpetually bloated, breathless, and in a state of sheer bliss. My body craves carbs, sugars, and fats.

Now lay down and assume the position! Rather the bastardized version of it where I use my fat gut to prop myself up. My body is yours to ruin. You're laying in bed relaxing after a hard day of work.

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