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Zu Gendo Ikari hat Rei ein sehr gutes Verhältnis. Dieser ist jedoch seelenlos, sie kann sich weder an die Ereignisse von Reis erstem Klon erinnern, noch hat sie sichtbare Gefühle. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press pp. In another homage to the series, Shinji again sees her stepping out of the shower naked. Zuerst scheinen es tatsächlich nur mütterliche Gefühle zu sein, die Rei für Shinji empfindet, aber im Laufe der Zeit ändert sich dies. Rei first appears in the first episode of the anime in an injured state after a failed activation test with her Evangelion. Dieser ist eine seelenlose Hülle.

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The character model used in the scenes is based on development materials in which her age is only 4. Rei I is the 'normal' Rei, shown in her standard school uniform. Start a Wiki.

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Rei returns as a primary character in Rebuild of Evangelion and first appears in Evangelion: 1. Gendo introduces Rei to the NERV staff in as an "acquaintance's child" whom he is temporarily taking care of. Allein Shinjis Vater Gendo gegenüber vermag sie sich zu öffnen.

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Neon Genesis Evangelion. Rei first appears in the first episode of the anime in an injured state after a failed activation test with her Evangelion. The industry then created many characters which share her traits of pale skin, shortish bluish hair and a "quiet personality". This time, however, she smiled coldly at Shinji before slapping him which sent him to the floor.

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In this version, at least, she is genuinely smiling at Shinji. In the final episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion , the audience is introduced to a pseudo-hallucinatory alternate reality. Sie zeigt nur in den seltensten Fällen Emotionen und ihr Gesichtsausdruck wirkt wie versteinert. Her character remains the same as in the anime, acting as pilot of Evangelion Unit and helping Shinji defeat Ramiel. This however put a lot of strain on her and therefore, her vital data has to be regularly analyzed by Magi. Naoko stürzt sich daraufhin selbst zu Tode. She is an easily excitable extrovert, but socially inept and unaware of everyday social conventions. Nur einmal reagiert sie auf Asuka heftig und zwar als Shinji vom Schatten eines Engels verschlungen wird und Asuka kein gutes Wort für ihn findet.

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Rei scheint Gendo als eine Art Vaterfigur zu sehen. In Petit Eva: Evangelion School , three different versions of Rei exist, and all live together as sisters. However, it's hinted that the "new" Rei still has some residual memories as she wonders to herself why she is alive again after returning to her quarters. Neon Genesis Evangelion 3-in-1 Edition.

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In the battle against Armisael, when the Angel communicates with Rei, it attempts to make Rei believe that her soul is evil; that she does want Shinji for herself and is angry at Asuka for drawing Shinji's attention away. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press pp. Episode

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