Diep io guide. Diep.io Stats: All The Tank Upgrades Plus Tips On How To Use Them (16 Photos)

Anonyme 3 janvier at 12 h 14 min. These Classes existed at one point in the game, but have since been replaced or removed altogether. It was renamed to Factory later. Gunner can further upgrade to Auto Gunner , which adds an Auto Turret on top; Gunner Trapper , which removes two of the Gunner cannons and adds a Launcher to the back; or Streamliner , which has a cannon in 5 segments and shoots lots of bullets at an incredible rate. Auto 3 The Auto 3 features three side-mounted Auto Turrets. These launchers fire drones that attack for you, all drones die after a certain amount of time and half of the drones can be controlled. The third tank will be red.

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Overtrapper A Trapper with two uncontrollable Drones, similar to the Hybrid. When you reach Level 30, you can choose a second upgrade depending on the basic upgrade that you chose. These do not branch off anything; they are only obtainable in Sandbox apart from Developer which is only used by the Developer, Zeach himself. The maximum of eight remains the same, but the Reload is essentially doubled.

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If you choose Destroyer , your cannon is replaced to shoot huge strong bullets but has drastically decreased Reload and Bullet Speed. Gunner The Gunner rapidly fires small Bullets in a straight path from four frontal miniguns. When you shoot, there is high knockback on your ship. This tank, like the Arena Closer , is impossible to upgrade to.

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They are as follows:. Stalker The Stalker speeds up the Bullets, allowing it to easily snipe down any unprepared lower range tanks. However, it is only existent in the Domination game mode and cannot be obtained by upgrading; instead one will have to press H to control it. Anonyme 15 juin at 16 h 03 min.

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Also playable from the Flank Guard class. That Square can infect other Squares, and so on until they can have a maximum army of up to 36 Squares at Max Drone Count. It spawned 16 controllable Drones and 16 uncontrollable ones to survive. Ball — The Ball is a tank that was secretly added on 13th January, and removed on the same day. They were later buffed around the time of the Domination Update. In Diep. Only selectable at Level 30, the Smasher upgrade removes all cannons and instead adds a hexagon base of the tank.

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The Field of view increases at the cost of slower Reload speed. We have noticed an unusual activity from your IP Old Sprayer — Tier 3 upgrade From Machine Gun This class previously used to shoot identical Bullets from both cannons, but this was deemed too strong for Tier 3 and so it was moved to Tier 4.

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It spawned 16 controllable Drones and 16 uncontrollable ones to survive. Destroyer can then upgrade to the Hybrid , which adds a Spawner to the back; Annihilator , which makes the cannon wider and increase its recoil; or Skimmer which shortens the Destroyer cannon and adds a trapezoid cannon behind it, shoots Missiles which themselves have 2 small cannons on either side similarly to a Flank Guard , which also spins around clockwise. Battleship The Battleship replaces all of the player's Cannons with Mini Spawners that pump out small Drones at an extremely fast rate. The center Cannon will fire a normal-sized Bullet, while the other ten Cannons will fire smaller ones.

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