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You will be asked to whether to proceed to the Lesson without them. Add to Watchlist. Idol Road Advance: Press to see the card's Idol Road in order to unlock nodes to strengthen the stats of a card. You can only do that when you look at the cards when you are switching them in the Produce Unit menu. A card may only receive up to a total of four limit breaks. Exact multipliers are unknown because no one has counted them. If you choose to read it later you can just find it again in the "Student" tab of the "Story" menu page. This guide serves as a compiled resource to help you understand the main mechanics of the game.

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Find the card you want to take out and select it. Labeled "Staff Room". For help locating where you can buy Rainbow Keys, see School Map. After typing the new name to use, click on the yellow button.

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See the Birthdays page for a list of birthdays. Sorted by student. Tip: If you don't want to quit the Lesson, you can continue to save the level of the Fever Bar by continually going to the Infirmary as it won't raise your Fever level. The Sunday course is special in that it doesn't increase the drop rate of a specific color of jewels but you get 2x EXP for the same AP cost as the other daily courses.

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Change various notification settings here. Dress Up: Allows you to change the outfit and background you have unlocked from Event or Scout cards for the character, as well as the background music. Classrooms: List of the students organized by class.

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Categories : Manga series manga anime television series David Production Anime and manga stubs. Once they are all filled out, you will receive your gift. If you don't have the card, the red text below is telling you that. Clicking on the blackboard, which says "Producer! Episode 1 Video not Playing? There will always be three missions for every lesson. During each album scouting period, there is a rotating banner for both the scout and for the album CD page.

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Ensemble Stars! Blue arrow: Returns you to the Home Menu. At certain times Honeyed Lemons and Ame-chans can also be obtained. A new Campaign Scout opens 1 day before an Event starts, and ends at the same time the Revival Event period does about 4 days after the main Event ends.

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Sometimes certain animals shown below will appear in lessons. The Chibi Motion Viewer allows you to view the chibis of all the cards you've obtained, whether they come with outfits in their idol roads or not. Data Transfer: Explained in detail here.

Ensemble Stars! Episode 24 Final English Sub

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