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On the other hand, Nymphs use their beauty as a weapon Web Comics. The hero has just met the Gorgeous Gorgon. At a certain point, Aylee's transformations were in response to threats she couldn't deal with, so she evolved appropriate defenses EMP blasts to deal with nanites, spirit-binding seals to avert natural death, a mind-protecting helmet to stop telepathy, etc. Despite all this, she is not only quite cute but has never been anything but incredibly friendly, gentle, and kindhearted. The worst part is that her monstrous mien is like a car-wreck, you can't look away. You can choose up to 3 colors. Try dragging an image to the search box. And they're both treated like monsters for it. Oglaf has a variation where the "victim" is looking at the gorgon's

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A creature so ugly she can stun those looking at her and make them wish they'd brought their brown pants , she's so repulsive. The Sphinx featured in many Subnormality comics is actually quite pretty. Medusa from Castle Crashers fits this trope. In the oldest versions of the Gorgon legends, they were said to be hideous-looking, hence Medusa's classic snake hair and scaled face.

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Other notable instance is Kiyohime , depicted as a beautiful woman with a serpentine lower body. In the oldest versions of the Gorgon legends, they were said to be hideous-looking, hence Medusa's classic snake hair and scaled face. In the second season of Bakemonogatari Nadeko becomes a medusa snake godess.

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Western Animation. She'll try to win the hero's pity before mating, killing, and then eating him. And she has curves , to be sure, if peculiarly serpentine ones. Aphrodite helps her out with a pair of magical heart-shaped sunglasses that keep her stone gaze at bay.

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It's implied that her true form is vaguely draconian, however — hints to golden scales, claws, and a tail are seen in the background, and even in human form, she still has wicked talons in her feet that amusingly double as natural high heels. American Dragon: Jake Long has Medusa and the gorgons as a group of attractive, Alpha Bitchy cheerleader types that fuss over split ends — split ends, in this case, meaning two-headed snakes. The journal details how he and his crewmates entered the labyrinth that made up her home, only for her to hunt down and petrify them one by one, until only Wehner was left. It's implied, though, that few humans have ever met the queen and she certainly is not reluctant to be a monster. Throw in the smell of brimstone that's a side effect of his powers, and his features may be symmetrical and healthy in terms of attractiveness, but he's living in a setting in which All the Other Reindeer has been enacted into law at various times. Since demons are made of concentrated evil and chaos, it's implied that both forms are perfectly normal. Her real face is also seen reflected in a shield at the end of her first scene talking with Grendel. She looks like this.

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How well does it match the trope? Get Known if you don't have an account. First of all, there's Phix, who has a bit of a Hot Librarian thing going, despite being a sphinx. She would seduce male models usually younger than her , be their sugar mama, and then turn them into stone out of spite.

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Latest game update: 22 November archive. The Monster High doll Deuce Gorgon is a rare male example, who only has scales and snakes on his head, which he fashions into a mohawk. The She-Demon in Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is the closest we ever get to see a Gorgon in the show; is a beautiful blond woman that seduces man and turn them into rock by touching them with her hidden snake tail. In Superman comics, at least before the Crisis , the facet-skinned Bizarros were odd-looking, but never as ugly as everyone seemed to react to them as being.

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