Hounds of the blade. Hounds of Kerberos (38 Photos)

May 26th Events Prepare yourself for a big battle! Report this video:. But once unleashed against an enemy, the aggressiveness and savagery of these Astartes is often difficult to reign in, for they will not stop until their foes are utterly decimated. Check this out;. Main weapon: Sniper Rifle. Your destiny is waiting for you with Hounds squad! Depending on the actions of the player, Aya can be sexually assaulted or raped numerous times by Ishukuns, monsters, which includes giant lizards, rats, and cockroaches, and even computer projections.

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There is a partial translation for it over at ulmf. News Events Guides. However, the original founders of the Chapter learned to overcome these berserker tendencies through iron-willed discipline and hypno-indoctrination. Please enter your gift code here.

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There is a partial translation for it over at ulmf. No robotic silence or hysterical shouts ring out from their ranks, but rather the calm, even tones of bonded brothers, spoken as though they are strolling to the training pits and not into the teeth of their foes. Some Chapters that believe themselves Second Founding may not be at all, while others may be of this Founding, but be ignorant of the fact.

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This does not mean that the Hounds lack ability and competency in ranged engagements or armoured warfare and supporting artillery attack, on the contrary, but to the Hounds of Kerberos such things are a tactical means to an end. From now on, everything you need is waiting for you at the Shop! Are you ready to beat GMs? They do not enter combat in silence like those Chapters descended from the lineage of the Gorgon , their minds devoid of any distraction and focused entirely on the cold, clinical violence they are poised to deliver.

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Although anecdotal evidence indicates the Hounds roughly conform to the tactical and squad doctrines of the Codex Astartes , this does not carry over to its command structure and company arrangements. View High Qual. Sign In Sign Up. Report this video:. May 26th Update The newest weapons, new Avatars and special surprises are waiting you at the game! It is now in Alliance hands, though not handled well. After that, you can simple click Download Hounds button to get the game client and immediately start and play Hounds Online.

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Categories :. Veteran Company. In addition to the use of the ubiquitous combat blades or gladius, Astartes attached to reconnaissance squads and vehicle crews commonly carry chainblades, flay-cutters and mono-serrated bayonets, back-up knives, hatchets and cleavers.

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Code activated. May 28th Events Troops are needs assistance at Mission 4 — Chapter 1. Recruit your friends and stand against the evil!

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