Pubg loot. PUBG loot locations - where to find the best loot on Miramar (37 Photos)

Be wary of rogue players though - we frequently find one or two stragglers turn up as we loot ourselves. They generally have enough loot to kit out two people, or spread a bit thin between a full squad, and are popular. The issue is it's right in the bottom left corner of the map, and on an island of its own. On each floor, there are a number of rooms. Again, starting with the highest risk going to the lowest. The loot is normally servicable, if a little sparse. It's vastly popular and slow to loot - but, all that said, there is a way to do it right. It's a specific type of building that you need to bear in mind here: the pair of concrete structures, one half-finished, without a roof in just a regular rectangular shape, and the other with two floors, one interior staircase and an accessible roof.

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Mini Power is a great little spot nearby. Frequent flight-path locations with good loot are high-risk, high-reward. It is very near to the famous Pochinki location. A mix of level 1 and 2 gear with some kind of "long" gun in each cluster, mixed with some SMGs and Shotguns.

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The Paradise Resort is Sanhok's version of the Hacienda or School, being a big, obvious central point that's reachabale from any flight path. Just hop from one house to other and collect the weapons and gears as soon as possible. Hearthstone player VKLiooon becomes first woman to win BlizzCon championship "If you believe in yourself, forget your gender and go for it. A mix of level 1 and 2 gear with some kind of "long" gun in each cluster, mixed with some SMGs and Shotguns.

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Tonnes of loot but it's often either too far away to be worth it, or too popular once it's in reach. In other words, it's a game of odds, and generally if you play according to the odds you'll come out on top. It's a specific type of building that you need to bear in mind here: the pair of concrete structures, one half-finished, without a roof in just a regular rectangular shape, and the other with two floors, one interior staircase and an accessible roof. This used to be a place where you could get crate-only level gear with relative ease, until it was patched once the secret became an open one.

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If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Feature Here's what happened when we tried to bet on esports at our local bookies "What kind of game is Ninjas in Pyjamas? This is because I get enough loot here with less risk factor as compared to Military Base. Buy Playerunknown's Battlegrounds from Amazon [? Keep an eye on the clock and use them situationally, and you'll do well. This is all we have for now. Now, let us explore each location one by one. Basically an alternative to Hacienda, this is another death trap right in the middle of the map with great loot and loads of people in one tiny area. Let us explore other alternate location. If you're going for smaller settlements then, try to pick some with lots of others nearby that you can work through.

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If you're dropping here directly aim for the roof of the large rectangular green building, clean that out, then go to the warehouses around it to finish off the sweep. In this guide, we will be only covering the Erangel map. There's also usually a jetski you can hop on for a cool escape if you fancy it, too.

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These warehouses generally have good automatic rifles and even up to level 3 gear in them if you're lucky, too. Interactive weapon chart. Do note, of course, that things like the relative "risk" of a location varies from game-to-game of course - Miramar's Hacienda, for instance, is high risk because it's popular and regularly under the flight path, but that doesn't mean there won't be the odd game where it's far enough from the flight path for you to race there early and loot in relative safety! The Prison has probably the best loot in the game, and loads of it, especially in the main prison building the one with broken down walls as points of entry and, you know, the prison cells inside.

Secret High Loot Location In Erangel Map - Best Loot Location In PUBG Mobile

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