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It is easy to criticize Bixby Vision being here though — it's just useless in general. It's not a big thing, but it's a perfect example of how Samsung is making sure that its camera app is as intuitive as possible. Overall, though, what we like about the camera is that Samsung has thought through the interface. Camera spec not upgraded Images still look superb Some snaps a touch overexposed The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is, once again, one of the best around. Back to the camera itself though, and it's worth repeating that you'll very rarely be dissatisfied with the images you'll take, even quickly. Skip to content. It might take a few attempts to learn the rhythm, but once you've got it there's very little lag between grabbing your phone from your pocket and the photo being saved.

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On the whole the quality is good, but you will get the odd picture that makes you wince with the amount of light flooding in — especially with bright scenes. Image 9 of 18 This is a standard shot in a bright scene, with dark shadows at the top Our main issue is with the exposure: check out the camera samples at the bottom of this page and you'll see that in bright light the Galaxy S8 has a tendency to slightly overexpose images. Image 5 of 18 Inside shots are good, but the highlights on the cushion in the background are blown.

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The autofocus speeds are quick as well. Image 4 of 8 Taken using the manual focus. Home Reviews Mobile phones. Check out the camera samples Click the image for the full resolution sample.

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Image 2 of 8 2x zoom with very little loss of detail. It took a gamble in not sticking a dual-lens sensor on the back of the S8, which is the new fashionable thing to do in terms of smartphone cameras, and instead made it easy to take a photo. Image 6 of 18 A clear shot, but the colors are slightly muted. Image 18 of 18 A sharp image on a bright day is bread and butter for this camera.

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Bisexual hentai. Gallery: Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus camera samples | 25 Photos

We will bring you the complete review of the phone soon. Image 11 of 18 In complete pitch-black but with candlelight, tapping the flame brings up a great picture. Here is a camera comparison between Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S7 edge. Buyer's Guide. Image 14 of 18 Bright colors and clarity are the hallmarks of the Galaxy S8. Swipe down to access the selfie camera, hold and swipe the shutter button to zoom into your subject. Video quality is good, and the audio is good as well, thanks to secondary microphone. There is Panorama, Selective focus, Food and Vitual shot modes.

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This is clearly a play from Samsung to stop people heading out to Snapchat to do the same thing, but given that Snapchat isn't really a direct rival to the South Korean brand it's interesting to see this feature being given such a strong place to live in the camera interface. On the whole the quality is good, but you will get the odd picture that makes you wince with the amount of light flooding in — especially with bright scenes. Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera Samples. Check out the 4K and Slow motion samples below.

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Image 3 of 8 Taken using the 'Food' mode on the S8. But then when you're in the gallery, you'll still get a green dot in the middle of the photo you're trying to look at as Samsung tries to entice you to recognize the image through Bixby and Pinterest, or give you information on a landmark. Full review: www. Image 6 of 18 A clear shot, but the colors are slightly muted.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Camera Vs Galaxy S8 Plus Camera - Camera Test Review - Camera Comparison

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