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Episode 8 - Some Pro 1-U ZexyZek Statue Object Details. Many from his fanbase decided to leave hate comments and started to unsubscribe since they only subscribed for the trolling. This record from Melbourne's The Lucksmiths pre-dates the current Australian jangle boom by over a decade. He attempted to restart the series as "Minecraft Trolling 2. Contents [ show ]. He changed ZexyZek to his legal name, though it has since been changed back and all his gaming videos resume on his main channel, leaving ZexyZekPlays inactive. Gary Corben's latest album pays homage to the classic sounds of Brazilian records of the s and s. He began this series on January 14, , though there is no active schedule for his uploads.

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Phillip Mackintosh. The Trolling series was the primary reason for Morin's success on YouTube. Many from his fanbase decided to leave hate comments and started to unsubscribe since they only subscribed for the trolling.

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Many from his fanbase decided to leave hate comments and started to unsubscribe since they only subscribed for the trolling. TheBeefStew also confirmed this and told us that ZexyZek was in the discord. Despite Morin asking his fans not to petition to get the series back online as he claimed he would just discover new material, many fans blackmailed Markus Persson "Notch", the creator of Minecraft, as well as many other officials from Mojang.

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John launched his YouTube channel on June 18, The videos only last a couple of seconds long. Since December , Morin has been posting a series of real-life skits with his friends.

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ZexyZek Statue Object Details. Skate 3: Let's Play! Sign In Don't have an account? Luke Tilly. John launched his YouTube channel on June 18, ZexyZek Plays was launched on August 4, as a channel where John would post gaming videos that weren't Minecraft related. Cancel Save. Gary Millar.

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Assassin's Creed Origins: Let's Play! Immanent Fire by Emily Jane White. This is usually done off-camera, though Morin revealed himself doing it upon request from fans on Episode 68 in the series.

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Crown Plaza make vibey, highly melodic guitar-driven indie rock augmented with clever lyrics and beautiful harmonies. His initial plan was to put all his gaming videos on his second channel, ZexyZekPlays, while ZexyZek was devoted to sketches with his friends. The series was reinstated, all past trolling videos became public, and Morin resumed his series.

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